Joining the Group

UT Austin is an excellent place for research in cryptography and theoretical computer science, and we are actively recruiting top students. Please see below for details on how to join the group.

Prospective PhD students: If you are a prospective PhD students interested in cryptography, please apply to the Computer Science program at UT Austin. When filling out your application, there are places where you can indicate your interest in working with us (Brent Waters and David Wu). Our admission process is decided by a committee, so emailing us individually is unlikely to help, and due to the volume of requests we receive, we will generally not be able to evaluate your chances based on your profile.

Current PhD students: If you are a current PhD student at UT Austin and are interested in cryptography, we encourage you to take our graduate course in cryptography (CS 388H). Feel free to email us directly if you are interested in working with us.

Current undergraduates: If you are a current undergraduate student at UT Austin and you have taken one of our courses in cryptography (e.g., CS 346 or CS 388H), then please email us to see if there are research opportunities available. In your email, please include your resume and any relevant coursework or project experience you may have.

Summer internships: We do not typically take interns from other institutions. In general, we will not have bandwidth to respond to these requests.